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Fremont City

Location: Mission Peak, Fremont, California, Map

Mission Peak is a very popular destination among Bay Area hikers for it's steep slopes, proximity and gorgeous views of the bay area. On a regular weekend one can expect to find up to 4000 people hiking the trail. The trails are just shy of having a traffic jams!

But Mission Peak is also a favorite place for photographers. The grass is lush and green during winter season and quickly changes to dry brown color due to persistent dry weather in California. But while the green lasts, the beauty is similar to those often mentioned lush green Irish hills.

I shot this image of the bay area homes at the foothills during one of the most dramatic sunsets I witnessed at this location. It was bit of a planning and bit of a luck to have started the hike at the right moment, reached this point just before the sun broke out of those clouds and see it all happen when the grass was green! I sure was a happy camper.

Those homes are some of the most expensive and luxurious homes in the Bay Area often reaching over 2M pricetag. But to me enjoying the open spaces of Mission Peak Regional Preserve is the real luxury I have access to any time of the year.

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