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"Sunset and the Raingods"
Location: Calaveras Hills, Milpitas, California.

Storms in California have a very transient nature. The sky can be very dark at one moment and a clear blue the next; but somewhere in between are these magical fleeting moments that are fun to capture.

Fortunately I happened to catch one such moment today evening. As I got off from work I saw some great light over the Calaveras hills which are just a few minutes away from where I live. The sunlight was reaching the storm clouds at a low angle and illuminating just the low lying layers of the clouds giving this fiery effect.

This show of light and dark was truly transient. A minute later the sunset glow was gone and it was all but a dull gray sky.

Tech Info:
Lens: Canon EF 70-200 f/4L IS @ 93mm
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mk II
Exposure: 4sec at f/10 and ISO 50
Filters: B+W Circular Polarizer, LEE ND Grads 0.6 and 0.75 soft edge stacked together
Single exposure with no HDR treatment

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