California: Bay Area Landscapes - California Naturescapes
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Mustard Fields

Location: Mustard Fields, San Jose, California

These fields in south San Jose used to be dense orchard fields. Urban development has since captured many of these areas but a few spots remain. Every year in late winter these fields can be seen from far because of these mustard flowers glowing yellow. I took some time to visit here at sunrise on a cloudy day and shot these images.

Tech Info:
Lens: Canon EF 17-40 f/4L @ 19mm
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mk II
Exposure: 4 sec at ISO 50 and f/16
Filters: LEE ND Grads 0.6 (2-stop) and 0.9 (3-stop) stacked together

mustardfieldshgstmustard fields