California: Death Valley National Park - California Naturescapes
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"Mesquite Sand Dunes"
Location: Death Valley National Park, California.

I always wanted to photograph the lines and patterns that form in sand dunes. So when I visited Death Valley I liked this spot from where sharp edges were looking well with the smooth undulations of the dunes and leading quite nicely to the mountains behind.

Tech Info and Tip:
Lens: Canon EF 70-200 f/4L IS @ 180mm
Camera: Canon EOS 30D
Exposure: 1/100sec at f/8 and ISO 100
Filters: No filters

I typically prefer not to shoot during mid day lighting conditions, however, this particular shot came out nice even though it was shot during mid day conditions.

Death Valley has such unique landscape that defies imagination. A visit here is the closest thing to vising an alien landscape. It is one of the most popular locations to photograph. Its badlands, sand dunes, salt pans, strange racetracks offer unique opportunities to capture its beauty.