California: Eastern Sierra Landscapes - California Naturescapes
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"First Light on Mt Whitney" Location: Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California. On my second day of photoshoot at this location I saw this view of Mt. Whitney lit by the first rays of sunlight at dawn. My previous attempt at this location had Mt. Whitney shrouded in fog, so I was happy to finally get the view I came here to see. It is quite an experience to shoot here. You have to arrive when it is still dark and hike up to this spot to claim a spot on the rock behind the arch. I read on the internet that this place can get very crowded since it is a classical sunrise spot to photograph. I, however, had this place pretty much to myself. On the contrary I enjoyed company of another fellow photographer Keith Kapple who was also there to photograph the arch. We chatted a bit and later drove around hunting for other arches in the area. It is always nice to bump into fellow photographers in the field. There are few more interesting arches here but I will leave those for my next trip here. Tech Info: Lens: Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L @ 26mm Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mk II Exposure: 2sec at f/14 and ISO 50 Filters: No filters Post processing: The as-shot image needed warm tones since it was shot during dawn. Without adding warm tones the image can look excessively blue (cold color temp)

One has to really visit eastern sierra landscapes to truly appreciate its beauty. I don't think any photograph can do the justice of what it feels to hike on barren landscapes, camp besides some of the most scenic lakes and feel out of breath at high altitudes. Over the years I have had a few chances to hike on eastern sierra mountains including Mt. Whitney, but only recently I began to photograph it. So here are few images from one of the most unique places on the Sierra-Nevada mountain range.

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