California: Garrapata State Park - California Naturescapes
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"Clearning Storm Over Garrapata" Location: Garrapata State Beach, Monterey/Carmel Area, California. Garrapata is one of my favorite spots to photograph and winter is the best time to photograph here. I love these iconic sea stacks and how the whole scene gets dramatic with some crashing waves and passing storm clouds. Tech Info: Lens: Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L @ 37mm Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mk II Exposure: 0.4sec at f/16 and ISO 50 Filters: LEE ND Grads 0.9 and 0.6 soft edge stacked together Post Processing: A combination of dodge and burn in selective areas to bring out the details in both highlights and shadows. Added warm tones in Lightroom.

Garrapata state park is one of the most photographed locations on the California coast. People are drawn to this spot due to the rugged coastline and its famous sea stacks. Just south of Monterey, California it is one of the best places to see waves crashing against the rugged coastline.

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