California: Half Moon Bay - California Naturescapes
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"Pacific Sunset"
Location: Graywhale Cove, San Mateo County, California.

A long exposure with minimalist composition was definitely the way to go for this image. The sunset light that was reflecting off the water was very subtle and using long exposure the water was rendered smooth and quiet adding to the mood of the image.

Tech Info and Tip:
Lens: Canon 17-40mm f/4L @17mm
Camera: Canon 5D Mk II
Exposure: 15sec at f/16 and ISO 50
Filters: SinghRay 3 Stop ND grad hard edge to balance exposure of the sky and the foreground

An image shot directly facing the direction of the sun can often result in excessive contrast or dark areas. Using graduated neutral density filters I could "even-out" the exposures in the sky and land but that was not enough. By selectively working on the shadow areas in post processing I could obtain this image that resembled what I saw.

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