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Modern Japan

Location: Tokyo International Forum building, Tokyo, Japan, Map

Tokyo International Forum is a superb and a very photographically interesting building just off of Tokyo train station. The building is a sophisticated engineering marvel with a design that not only is earthquake proof but also aesthetically beautiful. I visited here twice to photograph and could go there a few more times. There seem to be so many photographic opportunities located in and around this building.

This particular shot is from the ground floor looking at fascinating ceiling that looks like a ship from below. The building is best photographed at night and after sunset. They even light up the ceiling for a brief period of 20 minutes of so.

I had a wonderful visit to Japan during late summer of 2013 and got to see both it's historic and modern faces. Kyoto was my destination of choice to see old temples and shrines of Japan and I focused on Tokyo to witness it's modern lifestyle. Below are a few images from the trip. I was thoroughly impressed by how well Japan's public transportation worked and how easy it was for me to visit all these places. Being mostly a vegetarian eater, I was a bit concerned about the food at first but was pleasantly surprised by abundant and excellent food choices available. Japan is a country everyone should visit at least once. There is so much to learn from it's culture and day to day life practices of Japanese people such as their approach towards conservation, food and emphasis on being polite. Link to sites I visited