California: Yosemite National Park - California Naturescapes
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"Yosemite Spring" Location: Tioga Pass, Yosemite, California. Tioga Pass is one of the high altitude roads through Yosemite and is closed for most part of the year due to snow. During spring there is small window in which the road is open and the surrounding area is covered in snow. Back in 2007 I was lucky to be able to visit this place during this narrow window in time. The melting of the snow creates small pools of water like this one which quickly dry out when the summer kicks in. Tech Info: Lens: Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 @ 24mm Camera: Canon EOS 30D Exposure: 1/80sec at f/9 and ISO 100 Filters: No filters

Yosemite is the arguably the most beautiful national park. It's grandeur and the time scale it took to evolve is very humbling. I learnt that the granite peaks started out as molten magma deep below the earth's surface about 100 million years ago. Merced river then carved it into a "V" shaped valley and finally glaciers shaped it into its present day "U" shape. The beauty of the valley has inspired many. It's lush forests, tall granite peaks, amazing monoliths and beautiful waterfalls are so pristine that a visit to the park often overwhelms the senses. A visit here at least once in lifetime is a must.